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Me November 2003

Read about the great work the Shriners do throughout North America at the following link.


The Masonic Order

Mason's have been mis understood for centuries.  It has been referred to as a "secret society", but it is not! Masons in North America wear Masonic rings and have Bumper Stickers on their cars to show their pride in being masons.

Did you know that all Shriners are Masons?

Readmore about the order at  http://www.grandlodge.on.ca/

My Involvement in Masonry

I am a member of The Tuscan Lodge #195 in London, Ontario.  1 of 28 lodges in the London District. 

I was initiated in 1990 and became the Master of the Lodge in 2000 and again in 2004

Email Me at aowen1639@rogers.com

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