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In July, after working as a tree planter for the summer, Mike traveled to Thailand with his friend Kate.  He had a great time and saw many of the countries wonders.

Mike gets friendly with a nine foot snake!


One girl and three boys (you guess)

Bangkok is famous for its lady boys, young men who dress up like women. 

Bangkok Temple

One of the many lovely temples found throughout the city.

Giant golden Budha

Thailand is largely budhist.  Statues such as this are very commonly found at many temples.

Boat at sunset

Spectacular sunsets can be frequently seen from the shores of Ko Samoi, an island east of the mainland.

Cocktail Hour

Mike with kids he met from UK, Germany and Australia

Kids Show

Kids at the jungle village the group stayed at on the elephant trip

Lucky Birds

Releasing these birds supposed to bring the person good luck


No MacDonalds so Mike ate scorpion instead of a burger

Bangcock bike

A common site in Bangcock is this man with his 2 dogs in the flowers

Into the jungle

Start of the jungle trip

Koh Tao Sunset

One of my favourite photos